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Wunderman is Creatively Driven. Data Inspired.
A leading global digital agency, Wunderman combines creativity and data into work that inspires consumers to take action and delivers results for brands.

In a bold move to better serve its clients, Wunderman has joined forces with J. Walter Thompson to form Wunderman Thompson, a creative, data and technology agency built to inspire growth.
With 20,000 people in 90 markets around the world, Wunderman Thompson is uniquely positioned to rethink business, culture and brand experiences, owning delivery from end-to-end. To learn more, visit Wunderman Thompson.

What We Do

Wunderman: we are in the inspiration business. We use data and analytics to identify ideas that inform creative campaigns with the sole purpose of inspiring people to take action. To engage today’s consumer, we understand that brands must deliver content, experiences and information across channels, at the right moment in time. Wunderman is uniquely positioned to integrate the capabilities that build deeper 1:1 relationships and deliver results for our clients.
  1. Data & Analytics

    1. Business & Data Strategy
    2. Data Management Platforms
    3. Cloud Data Management
    4. Owned Data (AmeriLINK® & iBehavior®)
    5. Attribution, Analytics
      & ML
  2. Creative, Communications & Experiences

    1. Integrated Marketing
    2. Content & Social
    3. CRM & Loyalty
    4. CX & UX
    5. Product & Service Design
    6. Mobile & IOT
    7. AI
  3. Marketing Technology & Automation

    1. Digital Transformation Consulting
    2. Marketing Technology Architecture
    3. eCommerce Platforms
    4. Marketing Automation & Deployment
  1. Wunderman Data

    Wunderman Data, as part of the Wunderman network, is uniquely placed to combine data and technology with dynamic creativity to help our clients deliver experiences that customers crave.

    Learn more
  2. Wunderman\MSC

    With over 1,900 full-time employees, Wunderman\MSC serves as a strategic partner for brands looking to implement smart marketing automation solutions and digitally transform their businesses on a global scale.

    Learn more
  3. Wunderman Health

    We specialize in consumer-centric healthcare strategies. Combining creative with data, we build valuable relationships between consumers and clients in hospitals, pharmaceuticals, insurance, retail, and medical devices.

    Learn more
  1. Wunderman Thompson Commerce

    Wunderman Thompson Commerce is a global eCommerce consultancy of 1500+ commerce experts. We believe the agent of growth is inspiration. And we seek it everywhere, combining the best in strategy, technology, design and data to deliver complete, creative solutions to inspire our clients’ customers to act, and to transact.

    Learn more
  2. Wunderman Inside

    Wunderman Inside offers a bold evolution of the agency-client relationship: a combination of the full technical, strategic and creative depth of Wunderman with the efficiency and convenience of an agency team deployed on-site. Now brands have a new way, within their own four walls, to create a partnership that can respond to a disruptive environment quickly, efficiently and with deep insight into their unique challenges.

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