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Becky Chidester, CEO Wunderman Health

Becky Chidester

CEO Wunderman Health

In Wunderman Health, Becky has built a global division servicing Fortune 50 clients that represents one of the largest growth engines for the agency. An officer of WPP’s Healthcare Communications Network, Becky has also shaped WPP’s healthcare offering.  

Becky has focused on integrating creativity and data throughout her career, which spans politics, relationship marketing, digital and healthcare. A longtime proponent of personalized marketing and a thought leader in trust-building, Becky helps clients earn the consumer confidence that drives engagement and activation. Wunderman Health’s roster includes industry leaders GSK, Pfizer, Roche and Fresenius.  

Becky came to Wunderman as COO of the New York office and was subsequently elevated to president. She launched the agency’s social listening capability, broadened its digital services and bolstered its focus on coupling creativity and data.  

The first woman on Wunderman’s executive team, Becky launched Woman @ Wunderman to strengthen the agency’s commitment to attracting, developing and retaining more women in leadership roles.

Find Becky on Twitter @ChidesterBecky and LinkedIn