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Wunderman Data

Inspiring people to action and brands to be future ready

We inspire people to action and help brands become future ready. We combine our proprietary individual-level data with deep expertise in advanced analytics and strategic consulting to drive revenue growth and enable brands to build stronger, more direct relationships with customers.

We are experts in every aspect of data-driven marketing—from technology consulting and automated campaigns to identity resolution, dynamic creative and artificial intelligence. Our global marketing technologists, data scientists and analytics specialists help marketers organize and enable data to find and engage the most valuable customers for their businesses.

In a world of big data, privacy concerns and walled gardens, it is more important than ever to have an independent and trusted advisor to enable, transform and build enduring customer relationships.

Wunderman Data, as part of the Wunderman network, is uniquely placed to combine data and technology with dynamic creativity to help our clients deliver experiences that customers crave.


    As the consulting arm of Wunderman Data, we empower marketers to craft new and transformative capabilities that are informed by well-organized data and analytics. Activated through thoughtfully constructed technology and delivered via new customer-centric operating models.

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    We use the power of ideas, combined with data and enabled by artificial intelligence, to predict the unforeseen, find trends in white noise, quantify the future, create experiences that ignite people to action and drive emotional connections to brands.

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    We provide next-generation data management that unlocks and transforms your data and makes it accessible across your business. We combine data as a service, identity resolution, predictive analytics, machine learning and natural language processing to give you a complete data ecosystem of integrated data sources and a single view of your customer.

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    We connect brands with the right consumers across devices and platforms. Through our proprietary AmeriLINK consumer database, iBehavior Data Cooperative and Zipline identity graph, our data is uniquely able to provide an omnichannel view of your customers. The combination of our people-based data, predictive analytics and machine-learning capabilities helps marketers identify their best customers at the right moments in the purchase cycle and drive new customer acquisition.

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