If we could sum up our time at CES in one word, it would be Wantedness.

At Xaxis’ Pioneering the Digital Retail Media Revolution event, North America CEO Seth Solomons and Global CMO Jamie Gutfreund unveiled Wantedness, a new concept for brands seeking to build loyalty among consumers. Traditionally, customers were seen as being loyal to a brand. With all the sophisticated technology and data available today, that’s flipped and it’s up to the brand to actively demonstrate its loyalty to the customer across every touchpoint.

Seth and Jamie at CES

Wantedness is the result of a study Wunderman did in partnership with Penn Schoen Berland. We surveyed 2,000 people aged 18 to 65 in the US and the UK, and our findings were consistent across generations, geography and gender. Across the board, today’s consumers prefer brands that share their values, improve their everyday lives and demonstrate that they care about them.

“People were really clear when we were in the field with the study: they have access to the best of everything via their phones, and when you have that much choice, you expect more from everyone,” says Gutfreund. “It’s human nature fueled by digital access, and nobody gets excited about average. We have to make people feel desired and special.”

In other words, brands are expected to operate not so much within their own vertical, but as part of the culture at large. 87% of US and 85% of UK consumers compare all brand experiences to those they consider the best, such as Netflix, Amazon and Starbucks.


“We need to start redefining our value proposition as agencies and start organizing around people, in context to their needs and how they live their lives,” says Solomons. “Advocacy becomes real as consumers more aggressively recommend brands that understand them. So success, in our view, is when we see brands truly adapting to consumers’ needs versus forcing them to work around the brand’s business models.”

Since we unveiled the findings, Wantedness has been covered by various publications including Adweek, The Drum, Mediapost and PR Newswire. It’s also made quite a splash on social media, as you can see below.



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