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Wunderman Offers You Time for Employees
Buenos Aires, Argentina

We invest in you

Wunderman is an exciting place to work, with opportunities for talented people to learn and grow with us in offices around the world.

No matter who you are, we believe that everyone needs a work/life balance to truly thrive.

We don’t just talk about this, we take action and great pride in providing a balanced and healthy environment—which we believe is good for all of us.

We believe in learning, connecting with your colleagues and career development. Here are some examples of how we turn these beliefs into programs for YOU!

You Time

Wunderman You Time

A refreshing new approach to employee reviews, YOU Time is your time to discuss career and life goals with your manager. It's also a time to recognize important accomplishments. YOU Time is our innovative global program that encourages growth at work and in your personal life.

Examples of Programs

  1. Conversations Matter

    Your success matters. Rather than conducting traditional reviews in airless meeting rooms, managers at Wunderman take their employees out of the office for real one-on-one time.

  2. One Day

    Every year, all around the world, everyone takes a day to participate in community service activities.

    No matter the cause, we believe in giving back to our community and our people.

  3. Creating Connections

    Travel is an inspiration, sparking great ideas, new thinking and deeper personal connections.

    That’s why we give everyone a chance to win a week-long trip to visit offices in other cities or countries.

Wunderman Day

Wunderman Day logo

We know that new experiences fuel our creativity, so some of our events are dedicated to having fun and building relationships across our network. One of our favorite annual celebrations is our very own Wunderman Day.

What is Wunderman Day? Well we think of it as a global “meet and greet” that helps us celebrate what makes each office unique. From a (competitive) video contest to creating playlists and sharing culture boxes, we have a blast making friends across offices, time zones and cultures.

And this tradition keeps growing: In 2016, our staff shipped 350 culture boxes to each other, traveling more than 3 million kilometers. We shared more than 1,000 photos reaching 2.6 million people on social. We’re not shy about sharing why Wunderman is such an amazing place to work (and play).

Wunderman University

Wunderman University

A dynamic learning environment, Wunderman University gives everyone access to a wide range of courses, tutorials, training, and educational resources.

Use Wunderman University to build your knowledge and expertise, in order to fulfill personal and professional goals.

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