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We showed that for over 176 million Xbox gamers, the data on how you play says so much more than how you score.

    Millions of gamers play hundreds of millions of hours of Xbox games each year. No two of those gamers play exactly alike and they relish their individualism and online identity. To reflect each player’s personal gaming style and to celebrate their year-long passion and play on Xbox, we wanted to create a gamer badge as unique as each player’s own DNA. And it had to be awesome.
  2. WORK

    We used each Xbox gamer’s unique, year-long gaming data and style of play indicators to reward them with a one-of-kind reflection of their online persona—a personalized Gamercrest, emblazoned with their Xbox gamertag.

    We analyzed every gamer’s data from their entire previous year of Xbox play. Then we commissioned world-famous artist Jeff Soto to create hand-crafted illustrations to reflect players’ gaming styles and attitudes, and all the amazing data variations we discovered.

    Finally, our algorithm matched each player’s stats—such as time played, gamer score and community standings—to the artwork, creating a one-of-a-kind Gamercrest for every single subscribed Xbox gamer.


    • 220 million hours, 3.6 billion data points, and 62 terabytes of gaming data analyzed
    • More than 16 million data combinations, making no two Gamercrests alike
    • 27,000 Gamercrests created per hour after opening the website to the public
    • Won two Silver National Addy Awards

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